Monday, January 24, 2011

Some small measure of wisdom

sitting at a bar
used to work there
been a long time
eating some messy food
go behind the bar
to put it in the fridge
owner is there
sees me but doesn't seem to mind
walk back to my barstool
there are several women
talking to a female bartender
I sit down
pay them no mind
bartender saying something about not wanting to go
talking about a movie or something
bartender says
maybe he'd like to go
talking about me
I look up shake my head
woman next to me
runs her hand through my hair
I ask what the view out of her window looks like
this woman next to me says
she keeps her hand against my forehead
tender like she knows me
I still haven't really looked at her
I turn to see
blond hair
flash of green eyes
force myself to wake up
I don't want to see the face
of anyone I might fall in love with

I lay there in the bed
with a slight ache in my bones
thankful for some small measure of wisdom