Wednesday, December 10, 2014

It seemed like a thing from outside of the dream

an estate sale
friends of friends
people are cooking in the kitchen
vaguely familiar
older folk
those from the living facilities
a group of older sisters
walks by
flannery o'connor glasses
all of them look the same
almost identical
there is a trivia contest
in the living room
a fair number of people
a woman in front of me
calls out the wrong answer
the announcer comes over
and fines her a small amount
he leaves
she is there with her husband
crying because she has no more money
and still want to play
the game changes
now it is an eating challenge
to see who can eat the most
dollars or coins
some around me are practising
eating dollar bills
on the table in the hall
is an assemblage for sale
it catches my attention
I don't know what to make of it
and I am unable to remember it now
except that it seemed like a thing
from outside of the dream