Friday, January 16, 2015

Only later realizing they were nests

a world abandonded
walking beside a field
perhaps my mother was beside me
sick and insane people
were standing very still
out in the field
shuffling their feet strangely
to move around
the woman I was with
was scared
I stepped out into the field
tall overgrown weeds
the ground felt spongy and strange
my mother was calling me
from the street
the insane and sick
shuffled away from where I was
I noticed a lot of bones and skulls
covered in a thick layer of dust
the ground gave way
beneath my feet
and my foot fell down
into the hollow space
beneath the ground
this seemed to trigger something
I could hear a sort of hum
in the earth
my mother was trying to walk out
I turned around
to warn her
I felt an insect crawling
around in my hair
then another on my chest
I realized the entire field
and much of the earth around it
was a huge nest
a trap for unsuspecting animals
more bugs were on me
my mother was calling me
as I awoke

I had a similar dream
not too long ago
was out in the wilderness
with some others
walking along these
giant white domes
the size of mountains
only later realizing
they were nests