Saturday, September 6, 2014

To fracture on the rocks below

I was the camera in a Coen brothers' film
Lindsay Lohan in hell
followed her as she walked along a red carpet
that was flowing with images of hell and the devil
as depicted by Hollywood over the history of film
as we walked along
the images stayed with us
flashing scenes of horror
beneath our feet as we moved
Lindsay didn't recognize any of them
but I was able to place most of them
many from imaginary films of the dream
there was a sense that I knew
what was going to happen in the dream
since I was the camera
and I was able to act as a sort of Virgil
to her confusion and questions
there were many hellish inversions
of her celebrity life
paparazzi fawning over her
trying to help her
warning her
benevolent seeming Christians
with black orbs for eyes
tempting her the wrong direction
we descended into the pit
Leonard Cohen was Satan
he had a prothetic mask and wig
his mouth was fixed in a permanent howl
and a deliberately out of synch soundtrack
roared with a thousand screams
he was behind a counter
attending to some torture
he saw Lindsay and welcomed her
and we were suddenly on a plateau
on the top of a mountain
demons were throwing sheeplike creatures
over the side
breaking them like eggs
from down below a mythological god
appeared from another time
before hell
coming to rescue Lindsay
but another enormous demon
saw him and threw him down
to fracture on the rocks below