Monday, April 19, 2010

Projecting psychedelic religious symbols

an employee meeting
at the bar after the old bar
I keep having to leave
to attend to other issues
upsetting the president
of the company
I am trying to meet up
with a girlfriend before my ex-wife
where we are
is an old filling station
convenience store
she comes in with a friend
I get up to help her
leaving the meeting
she acts cold to me
then calls on the phone
I leave the meeting again
when I return
I ask what it was about
the president of the company
tells me they need to decide
whether or not
they are going to carry
sun-tan lotion
I tell them it is ridiculous
everyone has suns-tan lotion
everyone leaves except
one co-worker
he tells me he need me to help him
to work as a bodyguard
to the President of the United States
not Secret Service
taken off the street
so that we would not be suspected
by the terrorists
in a small one story house
in a run-down part of town
Obama takes me into the backyard
gives me an object in an ornate box
tells me to keep it safe
then he leaves
to attend the engagement
I am waiting with another agent
in the backyard
a call comes through
that the POTUS is coming back now
there was a problem
the guy I am with is nervous
we are sitting on lawn-chairs
in the front yard
it is night
no one around
unusually quiet
I take the box Obama gave me
place it on top of some books
on a shelf inside
return outside
high-tech helicopters
are flying around
with search lights
moving up down and backwards
as fast as cursors
on a computer screen
projecting psychedelic religious symbols
on the clouds above
and building
there are two of them
the blades thump and cut
dust and debris fill the air
I am thinking about the object
that Obama gave me
wondering if it is safe
on the shelf of books

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

To strip all the meat off her bones

world where robots take care of us
human are programmed to be passive
to not think
robots live with us from birth
all original human thought is gone
the human race is like cattle
at the mercy of a techno-military complex
there are renegade humans
trying to subvert the system
both the robots and the humans
even the government have forgotten
everyone except the renegades
have forgotten what they can actually do
on one ranch
an agricultural community
there is a malfunction
one of the human-robot pairs
is left to their own devices
they begin to figure out
that they have been oppressed
everything is nice and polite
when one of the women gets hurt
the robot follows his program
to strip all the meat off her bones
and organize the bones
in the most efficient stacking manner
around the skull
the human farmer and the robot
are both looking at the stack with admiration
when government troops arrive
they can see that the farmer and the robot
have been left alone too long
and are on the verge of awakening
the human is realizing
that the robot will do anything
he asks of it
and the robot is realizing
that it is his function
to serve and protect the human
right before the woman got hurt
the farmer called to the robot
for help
get here
right now
and the robot
went into hyper-speed
arriving there in a fraction of the time
it normally took him
both the farmer and the robot
were surprised
the farmer also had augmentations
from the government
because he was useful
and was good at growing crops
producing more than most farmers
the farmer was able to also move fast
and had extraodrinary strength
when the government troops arrive
the farmer and the robot
the troops discover the stack of bones
and the leader
who is half robot
half human
realizes what has happened
he tells the robot troops
to terminate the farmer
and his robot pair

Monday, April 12, 2010

I was a detective

I was a detective
working at a bar
also at a local high school
dark summer nights
the oak trees of Austin
kept finding traces
of the Taranga Corporation
athletes were getting injured
coaches were getting bonuses
finding buisness cards
in black and white
with Taranga Corp
on the front
they were trying to infiltrate
the school with their products
by buying off the teachers and students
inferior equipment and products
hurting people and making them sick

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Vector: The Monty Hall Problem

  • The Monty Hall Problem:

    From Wikipedia: A thought experiment, sometimes called by the German name gedankenexperiment, is a proposal for an experiment that would test or illuminate a hypothesis, theory,  or principle.

    Given the structure of the proposed experiment, it may or may not be possible to actually perform the experiment and, in the case that it is possible for the experiment to be performed, no intention of any kind to actually perform the experiment in question may exist. The common goal of a thought experiment is to explore the potential consequences of the principle in question.

    Famous examples of thought experiments include Schrödinger's cat, illustrating quantum indeterminacy through the manipulation of a perfectly sealed environment and a tiny bit of radioactive substance, and Maxwell's demon, in which a supernatural being is instructed to attempt to violate the second law of thermodynamics.

    To Wikipedia: The Lady or the Tiger: The semi-barbaric King of an ancient land utilized an unusual form of administering justice for offenders in his kingdom. The offender would be placed in an arena where his only way out would be to go through one of two doors. Behind one door was a beautiful woman hand-picked by the king and behind the other was a fierce tiger. The offender was then asked to pick one of the doors, without knowing what was behind it. If he picked the door with the woman behind it, then he was declared innocent but was also required to marry the woman, regardless of previous marital status. If he picked the door with the tiger behind it, though, then he was deemed guilty and the tiger would rip him to pieces.

    One day the king found that his daughter, the princess, had taken a lover far beneath her station. The king could not allow this and so he threw the offender in prison and set a date for his trial in the arena. On the day of his trial the suitor looked to the princess for some indication of which door to pick. The princess did, in fact, know which door concealed the woman and which one the tiger, but was faced with a conundrum - if she indicated the door with the tiger, then the man she loved would be killed on the spot; however, if she indicated the door with the lady, her lover would be forced to marry another woman, a woman that the princess deeply hated and believed her lover has flirted with. Finally she did indicate a door, which the suitor then opened.

    At this point the question is posed to the reader, "Did the tiger come out of that door, or did the lady?" The question is not answered, and is left as a thought experiment regarding human nature.

    To Wikipedia: The Monty Hall Problem: Suppose you're on a game show, and you're given the choice of three doors: Behind one door is a car; behind the others, goats. You pick a door, say No. 1, and the host, who knows what's behind the doors, opens another door, say No. 3, which has a goat. He then says to you, "Do you want to pick door No. 2?" Is it to your advantage to switch your choice?
  • The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time:

    And this shows the intuition can sometimes get things wrong. And intuition is what people use in life to make decisions. But logic can help you work out the right answer.
    It also shows that Mr. Jeavons was wrong and numbers are sometimes very complicated and not very straightforward at all. And that is why I like The Monty Hall Problem. 
  • Google Reader: Pigeons Outperform Humans at Monty Hall Dilemma:

    Each pigeon was faced with three lit keys, one of which could be pecked for food. At the first peck, all three keys switched off and after a second, two came back on including the bird’s first choice. The computer, playing the part of Monty Hall, had selected one of the unpecked keys to deactivate. If the pigeon pecked the right key of the remaining two, it earned some grain. On the first day of testing, the pigeons switched on just a third of the trials. But after a month, all six birds switched almost every time, earning virtually the maximum grainy reward.

That makes it easy to lose your footing

Extremely fragmentary:

at Inwood
the new house
dusk or dark
something is out there
in the woods
memories in the dream
of another incident
where a murderer
or perhaps an insane man
was attempting to kill someone
on the front lawn
me realizing in the dream now
how there is a falloff
in the lawn
that makes it easy to lose your footing
how he was caught
I am out there now
there is a car
floating above me
like a hot air balloon
I am trying to load lugage into it
the door is still to high
trying to get the car down
it is a summer night
and the world is full
of possibililties

much more to it
but I cannot remember
when I awoke
it felt as if I had had
an auspicious dream

something reminded me
of the flatworm dream
a lurking horror
around the potentials
of transformation

Saturday, April 3, 2010

All the instant friends of alcohol

returning to a bar in austin
combination of the ones
I once worked at
seeing the faces of old friends
people that act like
they once knew me
all the instant friends of alcohol
the owners are there
one is happy to see me
the other isn't
the bar is swamped
I try to help
run back in the kitchen
around the front
collecting glasses
I stop a guy at the front door
with boxes of National Geographic
some frat guys helping him
putting colored threads
between the pages
I ask him what's up
he tells me vaguely
that he's going to hand them out
I ask
for free or to sell
he says
eventually to sell
tell him he can't do that
it's solicitation
he blows me off
acts like he's going to give them away
I tell them he can't
try to find the owners
to let them know
what is going on
they are both nowhere
to be found
people are looking to me
to solve the problem
I decide I don't care
and leave to another bar
down the street
sitting down with a girl
that I once worked with
music comes on
she asks me to dance
we start dancing
in a sexual way
but innocent
my last girlfriend shows up
all made up and beautiful
I smile and keep dancing
she follows us across the floor
then runs off
I stop and follow her
I find her and ask
what's wrong
she tells me
you are not irreplaceable yet

Thursday, April 1, 2010

I am trying to get back into the game

playing a football game
in a small town in Texas
I am the tailback
but the quarterback
never gives me the ball
I am also the coach
the playing field is
surrounded by wooden walls
similar to playing in a barn
just past the goal line
is a an old wooden wall
above us is an old roof
at one point
I get mad and call a time-out
to tell a lot of people
standing on the field
drinking and smoking
watching the game
to get off the field 
the team we are playing
is incredibly inept
but we can't ever score
I want the quarterback
to handoff to me
but he never will
we are always a few yards
from the goal-line
a friend I traveled
across the country with
is there talking to me
on the sidelines
there is some sort of joke between us
about whirled peas / world peace
the opposing team's brains
are like whirled peas
he tells me
he wants to whirl some peas
mess up their brains
we are trying to find someone
to imagine a utopia for us
if they can imagine it
then we can leave this dream
and go into that one
it has to be a small child
someone innocent
I go into a house
during a time-out
and an old coach is there
he hands me a glass of water
I break it as I am drinking it
I try to find a place to leave it
there is a party going on
I leave the broken glass
half full of water
on a table
pick up another
that I believe is full of water
take a drink
but it is alcohol
the remnants of a lime
are floating around in it
I go back out to the field
they are playing without me
I am trying to get back into the game
but there is a big crowd
along the sidelines
everyone surprised
that I am not out there