Friday, November 28, 2014

None of them sounding very clever now

with one of my co-workers
from the coffee shop
looking through recent photographs
the black corner series
the sand dollar image
she says,
how would you spend
your sand dollar?
start thinking of descriptions
as clickbait:
at first
I thought it was just
a disembodied jaw
but you'll never believe
what it really was
one man found these ribs
you'll never believe
what he did with them
everyone else thought
the child was lost
it will amaze you
to discover where she was
these bones
didn't mean anything
until one man
saw them in a
different light
and the co-worker
and myself are trying
to out-clever each other
becoming more
and as I lay there
dreaming and thinking
I realized I was alone
and woke up
and lay there
remembering the clever
things we said in the dream
none of them sounding
very clever now