Thursday, January 2, 2014

Mirror only as I am waking

a scene that kept repeating
even remember writing this down
at a school
trying to save something
words on the walls
floating in air
thought it was
the name of a corporation
groups of people
different but the same configuration
all turning to look at me
during the drama of it all
police investigations
high-school classrooms
old workplaces
the same "actors" involved
playing different roles
again and again
waiting until a critical moment
in the unfolding of the dream
to stop and quietly look at me
the dreamer
the only other constant is the word
which I figure out is a transliteration
for mirror
only as I am waking

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

I deliberately killed her

setting up a sound system
at an Indian reservation
desert setting
trashed out New Mexico
running wires
into the public center
covert elements
black wires
into painted-over tubes
in the outer wall
go inside to find them
like a city council chamber
a shallow amphitheater
wires are in a maintenance closet
trying to find a connection
a bomb explodes
in the chamber
many people killed
know now that I am a suspect
then it is night
I am driving a group
of young children and teenagers
to a poetry event
they all look up to me
I notice the car behind me
doesn't have its lights on
as other cars pass by
coming towards us
I can see malevolent features
illuminated in the headlights
I am watching in the rear-view
we approach a small lake
I slow to turn
and the car rams us from behind
the van goes into the water
I bump my head
it is daylight out now
the van is under water
upside down
water is filling the interior
the children are struggling
to get out
blood is in the water
two of them are floating peacefully
looking out a window
then they gently float up
one child is a savant
floating upside down
contemplating the world
I take hold of the child
and we swim to the surface
on the shoreline
the child is now dead
I know everyone will believe
I deliberately killed her