Thursday, April 6, 2017

Her spinsarets active weaving

Working in a theater
bar hybrid
running from the auditorium
to the concessions / bar
bar not stocked well
coworkers from Honey Moon
frustrations finding drinks and food
behind the bar
is a lobby
high ceilings
dark wood
old style Hollywood theater
but run down
broken pieces
of employee constructed art
arranged on dusty shelves
a customer is asking about one
a glassed in box
offering spider's eggs
like candy
the glass is smeared over
but I look closer
joking at first
there is a large spider
moving about
a brown dead twig
dried leaves
thousands of tiny spiders
hatching from dirty white eggs
translucent mite-forms
the mother hovers
protectively over the leaves
there is no fear
because I know
these spiders
are not extremely dangerous
and the babies have no venom yet
but the mother is forbidding in aspect
there is a shift
and the web turns cotton white
babies turn to black
and the mother becomes
a black widow
the size of a hand
an hour glass
vibrant red
on the distended black bubble
of her abdomen
her spinnarets