Sunday, April 6, 2014

The Clearing

and thought
weaving in and out
of the dream
telling myself a story
listening to the reflection
in the mirror
his mouth speaking
mine closed
a catastrophic event
a magnetic disturbance
from within the earth
a massive Pulse of Energy
every form of magnetically
stored memory is wiped clean
the event is known as
The Clearing
triggers domino effect
all electronic chips
Y2K scenarios times ten
financial apocalypse
power grids shut down
the first and second
worlds collapse
into chaos and anarchy
flash 100 years future
the mistrust of
written memory
machine memory
a new religion
based upon
oral traditions
of memorization
children trained
from early age
to memorize
everyone in the society
must be able
to memorize
huge amounts
of cultural relevant
the storyteller
the one who centers
the society
by the performance
of drama
of poetry
the speaking
of myth

Friday, April 4, 2014

A way back home

all night
wandering through
the streets of my youth
trying to find
a way
back home

Thursday, April 3, 2014

The waterfall drowns out everything

dark grimy
back room
full of people
in a big city
behind a cafe
smell of diesel and grease
burned coffee
cigarette smoke
sitting down
waiting for a couple
I knew from Black Drop
to return
from a trip
feel distant
from everyone
at the table
as if they are
speaking a foreign language
but they all know me
keep looking over
to see if I will comment
I am thinking
that the world
inside of my head
my thoughts
are more real
than this world
that appears outside
of my head
I close my eyes
and can still hear them
the conversational tumult
the sound of a waterfall
the man from the couple
is saying my name
I can tell he is
concerned about me
within I am
standing on the shore
of a river
the waterfall drowns
out everything