Thursday, February 5, 2015

The gods are unconcerned standing there in perfect beauty

something like the property on Inwood
a house set back from the road
post-apocalyptic event
house is fenced off
guards and soldiers
I go to a huge gun on the roof
am told to watch for them
that they look like us
but that I will know
over the side
a group of people
are congregating in a fenced enclosure
climbing trees to get out
I start shooting
it is some sort of short gun
tracers and thousands of bullets
ripping apart anything they hit
I bullets cut the people in two
down the middle
exploding them
they all fall down
and there in the middle
are several people
their clothes now rags
the bullets spray against them
tearing off more clothes
but not hurting them
like a gentle spray of water
they do not even look my
just stand there discussing
something between themselves
after a while
I stop shooting them
all the humans in the pen
are in piles of bone, flesh and blood
the gods are unconcerned
standing there in perfect beauty