Saturday, November 30, 2013

Says it is a cat

complicated and involved scenario
old co-workers and customers
from the coffee shop
set around this time of year
Christmas lights put up
spelling out with bad letters
my sisters initials and mine
in the garage
I discover a caterpillar centipede creature
crawling on a table
it has huge antler pinchers
it is pure white
the antlers are black
it's body is about six inches long
the antlers are about the same length
I call the co-worker over to take a look
use a stick to prod the creature
it grabs the stick with some force
pulls it away from me
retreating back across the table
with it in its pinchers
I try to grab it back
and it moves it away from me
I am careful not to get stung / bit
then it becomes a white cat
with a black caterpillar centipede
in its mouth
and I am worried
it will try to eat the insect
and get stung
I am running around
trying to get it to spit the insect out
I say it is so fast
it moves like a cat
and the co-worker laughs
says it is a cat

Sunday, November 3, 2013

I noticed a lot of fallen leaves

a gentle soul
an an artist, DW
a man who used to paint watercolors
in the coffeeshops and bars
gives me a ride
I wasn't hitchhiking
he saw me on the side of the road
I was heading to a Mexican Food place
in a strip mall
as he was driving
he somehow
was able to place
one of his bare feet
against my face
his feet were clean
didn't smell
I acted as if it were nothing
then he moves the foot around
to block my eyes
I moved my head
no wanting to offend him
he seemed amused
at my response
this went on for the entire ride
I complimented him
on what nice feet he had
I was still grateful
for the ride
and it was good to see him again
after he dropped me off
I was in a stranger's backyard
I knew that I had to go
to caregiving soon
and would be right back
but I wanted to see
how the seeds I had planted
were doing
my sister and mother
had placed little signs
indication what each seed was
a few had sprouted
I noticed a lot
of fallen leaves
around the yard

Like I appeared from nowhere

somewhere in Africa
at a rural school
students, teachers, dream people
making audio recordings
part of a class project
I am out in the savannah
red dry dirt
thorny scrub bush
recording sounds from a small nest
several feet away
I hear movement
a larger animal
I freeze listening
through the amplification
of the microphone
a lion cub emerges
from the bush
he is playful
doesn't seem to notice me
I realize they are listening
back at the school
whisper there's a lion
I back slowly away from the nest
which now is a small tree stump
I am about ten feet away
the cub rubs his face on the stump
then his ass and balls
I can see his penis emerge
marking the territory
now I hear an adult lion
stirring in the brush
I keep backing away
they still haven't noticed me
I can smell the rut of the lion
the animal odor of the fur
I keep thinking
if I walk slowly backwards
never turning my back on them
trying not to stumble
I will not be attacked
still no sign of the adult lion
but I can sense it is right there
if it emerges while I am close
it will attack me
when I am about 100 yards away
I finally turn the other way
I turn and begin to run
now it seems I can hear
what is going on at the school
sounds of chaos and terror
I worry the lion
has found the school
I come to a road
I am standing on an embankment
above the road
a strange creature
like nothing I have seen before
pale white with more than four legs
fur and hide
is lumbering downy the road
I don't know if it will attack me
when I jump down
if it is like a lion
or it it is like a cow
I jump down
and am relieved to realize
it is more like a cow
it just stares at me
like I appeared from nowhere

Saturday, November 2, 2013

We are all joking around

another investigation
convoluted complex
tracking down the killer(s)
one of the investigators
is in the bathroom
putting on golden hair dye
like the killer
to show how it was done
we are all joking around
with each other