Friday, May 5, 2017

What that is I am unable to articulate

summer night in the desert
suburbia neighborhood
somewhere in the southwest
houses all the same
freshly built
kids out playing
the night is luminous
from the light of the Milky Way
above the houses
which though lit
even stand as shadows
against the light
of a billion galaxial suns
I am outside
barefoot in a driveway
desert scrub instead of lawn
overhead the heavens turn
in full on splendor
purple yellow orange
nebula sprays
I can actually see
the stars turning
across the skies
amidst the stars
like faint paisley forms
are constellated figurations
traced over forms of gods
heroes and mythic figures
and faces and more shapes
within these
the skies are full of meaning
it endless fascination
I feel like I could
watch the heavens forever
I'm amazed and enchanted
A co-worker from HM is there
I tell him
the sky are brilliant
I am at a loss for words
it's like archetypal photograph
of the Milky Way
those images photographers
have to seek out deep in the desert
here almost taken for granted
as the nightly sky
the co-worker is not impressed
it's just the sky
same sky
like it always is
he asks me to follow him
he is moving quickly
over the rough and rocky
desert ground
we move behind a cheap house
through the dried scrub and cactus
there are fluted rock formations
beneath my feet
like walking on a cavern floor
he is almost jogging
we are like two kids
walking around the neighborhood
with immunity
no one wondering why
we are walking through their yards
he comes to a bush
sort of a madrona type shrub
the bare branches form a dark cage
that he bids me
to sit down within
he is normally reticent
with anything personal
but he confides in me
tells me he admires
my practice of niceness
of wearing a protective suit of ego
when I am around crowds
and treating each and every
with unfailing niceness
I try to explain about violent hope
but it all seems silly
more self congratulations
I thank him
it's a good moment there
inside the sanctuary
of this natural cage
he evidently comes here often
to get away from it all
above I can see
the still pulsing cosmic dance
of the stars
there is a sense
all the years of pratice
are finally coming to a fruition
but what that is
I am unable to articulate