Monday, November 21, 2016

I am looking for a path that leads to higher ground

an island
or a coastline area
broad wide parklands
brown grass
a coastal road lined with palms
a rocky shoreline
I am running across the field
toward a man on the far side
it's a caricature of Trump
huge mouth and flying golden hair
he's trying to scream
against the wind
shouting to someone
on the other side of the park
he attracts my focus
for a moment
I wonder
about why he's being so foolish
to keep yelling into the wind
I am still running
as I get closer
I notice the waves are breaking
on the rocky shore
behind him
with increasing ferocity
there is a luminous mist
in the air
I comment
about how violent the ocean is
he doesn't pay attention to me
I walk past him
towards the shore
I am on overlook
above the road
just below the road
the waves are crashing
it's getting worse
there are people walking
along the road
I go down to talk to them
about the waves
Trump is down there
walking with the others
he is acting calm
but I can tell he's afraid
I tell him there's not enough time
that we need to turn back
return to higher ground
he ignores me
I walk back up the road
which is now made of dirt
the water is washing down in ruts
it is raining
a furious storm
rocks are tumbling down
from the overlook above
they barely miss me
I get a sense Trump
is following me
I wonder if he's able
to dodge these rocks
I start to run
the ocean is rising
the waves crashing
over the road
I am looking for a path
that leads to higher ground