Wednesday, November 16, 2016

I wish I had a sword

a bar similar to the Showdown
closing time
I'm not working
just around
a lot of people
still in the bar
reluctant to leave
the bartenders are new
I'm helping them get drunks out
there is a complicated
and rickety lock system
on the front doors
sliding bars of wood
loose deadbolts
could be easily kicked in
there's an old drunk
resisting going out
we finally get him out
but there are more outside
street people trying to come in
asking if they can still get a drink
tell them it's past closing time
others are coming in the back
through the beer garden
which has been secured
I'm running back and forth
another angry bum is demanding to get in
threatening to beat us up
I get him out
secure the door
but he's banging on it
not sure it's going to hold
them they'll all come in
I go outside to get them to leave
more people think we're still open
slipping past me
sitting down at tables
waiting to drink
I get them out again
the one angry guy is back
the other bartenders are scared
he's got a stick
and he's pounding on the door
I grab a sledge hammer
run out the back
around to the front
and tell him to leave
he starts to back away
then gets aggressive
I'm chasing him
with the sledge hammer
realize it's not a good weapon
to wave around
I drop the hammer on his foot
and slam him to the ground
more bums are surrounding me now
I am swinging the hammer
around me
clearing a circle
finally realize I can't keep doing this
drop the hammer and
slam the biggest of them into a car
start screaming at all of them
to get away from me
more and more are surrounding me
I wish I had a sword