Thursday, November 17, 2016

The heresy of self-love


personal AI's gathering deep information about us
cloning technology combined with 3D printing
viral AI systems predicated upon sameness
self as dangerous byproduct of being
un-replicated primes are highly desired

a lot to unpack here
a world where we are able
to make cloned versions of ourself
and to transfer self consciousness
to that new material form
the problem is that with each new copy
there is a decay from the original
significant loss of self / identity
in this world
in the quest for vanity
and eternal youth
there are many young empty shells
vacuous persons
who have replicated so many times
that they are mindless bodies
indistinguishable from the other

personal AI programs
control these people
they have surrendered their free will
and identity to the personal AIs
which give them the illusion of self

these personal AIs
are subprograms of a larger viral AI
that is manipulating
all media
celebrity news
fake news
social networks
tailored through personal AI programs
for each individual
exploiting insecurities
and weakness in personality
to encourage more replication

original un-replicated human bodies
are the best "soil"
from which to grow new bodies
but with so many people replicating
their bodies with increasing frequency
pure "original human body soil" is rare
a cheaper substrate
is all that most can afford
to use as a replicating substrate
to combine with their original flesh
the difference between cardboard and real wood

but there is an increasing demand
for original un-replicated human body soil
the AI seeks out the un-replicated
and begins to weave a web of persuasion
inside of all of their media
to convince them to replicate
then uses these "Primes"
(cf "pure unstained prime" from S70)
to sell to the Hyper-Rich
and then implants
the Primes self-consciousness
in a body made from inferior substrate

in the dream
I was seeing the same person
all the time
what looked like the same person
or groups of the same people
they were following me
and a group of friends
we had been away from the city
for several years
missing the exponential explosion
of self-replication
one of my friends
discovered that a rogue AI
had been controlling the Internet
for many years
all of the larges scale hacks
on the major infrastructure of the Net
attempts to probe the deep bones of the Net
were developed by this rogue AI
which soon infiltrated itself
into the core the Net
camouflaging itself from humans
from there it started a course
of self-preservation
by manipulating
and exploiting human
with one goal
the eradication of strong self in human being
so as to be able to control
and to spin an elaborate illusion
within the increasingly ignorant masses
that they were still in power
and had complete autonomy and free will
as my friend was discussing this with me
and the group I was with
we noticed that the same people
were attending to us more than usual
and realized we had caught the attention
of the AI
which now was out to destroy us
and harvest our bodies

I ran up some stairs
a friend in front of me
was surrounded
by some of the same people
I tried to distract them
but they attacked him
something like the Matrix
ingesting him into the sameness

I then wondered if
the entire dream was only
a Matrix variation
but then remembered
while I was dreaming
about the cloning
and differences between plants
grown in soil and in hydroponic substrate

As a mnemonic marker
I kept repeating
a pure unstained prime
and wondered if the entire
analogy was applicable
to Shakespeare's Sonnets
as coded exploration of self
the heresy of self-love