Monday, November 21, 2016

I'm worried they are going to wake everyone up

an old house
under construction
sheets of plastic
hanging in doorways
over windows
there with my sister
switching to JM
then just a companion
others there also
in the mountains
my sister is worried
about the wild cats
they leave every day
and return at night
often when they return
they are wounded
or covered in dirt
she said
we've got to be careful
about letting them inside
with JGM in a room
I can hear the cats outside
she is asleep
I go outside
pushing aside the black plastic tarp
blue of evening
dirt path
a fallen world
the cats emerge from the woods
some just suddenly appearing
out of the air
cats of all shapes and sizes
young and old
some mis-shapened and deformed
they are covered in dirt
I am hesitant
about allowing them inside
because I know
they will get everything dirty
an element of contamination
they run quickly through the opening
in the tarp
begin to meow loudly for food
I'm worried
they are going to wake everyone up