Wednesday, November 9, 2016

There is a sense the saint is being emptied out

the saint is sitting in a chair
on his lap is a creature
sphinx like
now human
male then female
morphing between states
the saint is unmoved
a countenance of stone
inwardly focused
the creature perches on his legs
hands on his shoulders
facing him
its mouth is full of square teeth
a horse's teeth
with wide lips pulling back
to reveal more
the mouth could open
and swallow the saint's head
the creature puckers its lips
black and pink
and begins to playfully kiss the saint
puckering kisses
a parody of a kissing
with loud smacks
wetting the saint's face
with spit and slobber
kissing ever more frantic
it's body is bowed back
and now two pendulous breasts
hand down into the saint's lap
nipples grazing against his groin
the saint does not move
or acknowledge the presence
of the creature
the thing now smiles
with it's enormous mouth
opening up and sliding out
it's cow-like tongue
long and covered with conical appendages
it licks the saint's face
like a cat licking a kitten
licking around the saint's ears
and over his closed eyes
around his nostrils and mouth
licking his hair
down around his skull
it's feet and hands
are talons now
piercing into the saint's flesh
the huge nipples of the hanging breasts
are hard and erect
still rooting into the saint's groin
the creature's head elongates
the high forehead and mouth prominent
resembling a sort of sperm whale
the lips curl back over the square teeth
as the creature breathes heavily into the saint's face
blowing spit with hot breath
between it's legs there is an obscene appendage
prehensile and lengthening
probing between the saint's legs
working on some occult task
there is a sense
the saint is being
emptied out