Saturday, November 12, 2016

She is making him perform but I know he doesn't want to

in an unknown neighborhood
perhaps in Austin
an old two-story house
walking around outside
as if I once knew who lived there
I run into SS
she is anorexic thin
walking dogs
she is happy
but apprehensive to see me
it is her house
she lives there with DG
who I haven't seen in many years
she says he isn't there
she leaves
I am walking a dog
that gets away
and runs into the house
I go after it
once inside the house
I can tell someone is there
I quietly try to find the dog
a child discovers
I am in the house
I reassure her that I am a friend
DG shows up
surprised and alarmed
I am there
we embrace
he is also skeletal thin
SS comes back
upset I am there
they leave me in a room
office or library
I can hear them talking about me
I write a note explaining
it is clear I am not wanted
and more than slightly feared
I find the dog
and leave the house
without saying goodbye

shift to Dallas
another house
SS's parents
aspects of TE's memorial
old friends wandering around
SS's parents
do not acknowledge my presence
walk out into a garden
it is night
lanterns illuminate
a backyard garden scene
trellises and gazebos
strings of lights
in the trees
people huddled in groups
quietly talking
I feel apart from everyone
SS is back
thinner than before
no eyebrows
platinum hair
I think I need to find
my sister's dog
I see a long line
of dogs
sitting like parked cars
all big dogs
I walk down the line
until I find Romeo
oddly tranquil
everyone is called to a stage
Romeo is up on the stage with SS
she is making him perform
but I know he doesn't want to