Thursday, November 24, 2016

I am thinking about ways to make it safer

the Inwood house
in Dallas
where my Grandparents lived
trying to sleep
in a room on the far side
of the house
similar to where
my Grandfather's office was
there are others
in the house
but quiet
perhaps also sleeping
but it is bright daylight outside
the interior of the house
is bathed in white light
there are workers around
groundskeepers and construction workers
coming and going
but I'm suspicious
of some of them
the front drive was gated
so the gate must have been open
I hear noises
I can't get to sleep
I open the door to my room
and walk around the house
but there is no one awake
I feel the presence
of others sleeping
perhaps dreaming
back in the room
I lay back down
trying to sleep again
I hear a car coming up the drive outside
I go outside
there is a small model green car
almost a miniature car
driving slowly up the drive
I am waiting in the grass
to ask the person
what they are doing here
then I see that it's AB
she's returning from a long trip
we are laughing
at how funny her car is
and how I didn't recognize her
I walk beside her car
talking to her while she's inside
about her travels
her car now is like a go-cart
transforming as we speak
but we don't notice
then it is just a minimal shell
beneath her
she's telling me a story
about a guy she met
the shell-car hits a bump
and she is thrown out
lands on her feet
about 6 feet away
I tell her
that's dangerous
you could've landed on your head
she says
I know
that has almost happened a few times
she gets back in the shell
which now seems dangerous to me
and I am thinking
about ways to make it safer