Wednesday, December 23, 2015

I think he damaged a building and set it on fire

in an exclusive mall
fashion show event
models singing
in display windows
I am walking around
concerned some of the models
are not able to sing as well
but there is built in failure
models deliberately singing weakly
to set up highly talented singers
hidden amongst them
coming off the elevators
to a lower floor
a model in a glass display window
in a gold dress
her voice on speakers
all around the vast complex
at first
she sounds weak
but then busts out
with a huge voice
the person with me
is laughing with joy

shift to gulf beach landscape
bright blue skies
white sandy earth
fishing piers
corrugated tin boathouses
baking in a shadowless sun
Dr. Dre is filming a music video
with Snoop Dog
there is animosity and tension
Dre is upset
and those around him
are trying to calm him
I am in the boathouse
an impartial observer
I can see Snoop
from the back
as he pantomimes singing
for the video
he does his part
then walks off to the trees
Dre is laughing and mad
saying Snoop was deliberately
flexing his abs
in a way he wouldn't do for his mama
acting in a fake fashion
now I watching the video
from the front
but can't see Snoops abs
or hear any singing
there is a high pitched tone
in the atmosphere
large cliques of music people
a phone keeps ringing
someone says to ignore it
I answer it
then am riding down an alley
with a kid on a bike
carrying a beat-up axe
the kid is talking into the phone
about what to do with the axe
sirens in the background
the kid is asking
someone back at Dre's
if he should return the axe
I hear Dre saying to get rid of it
the kid is searching
for a good dumpster
to throw it in
sirens closer
the kid tosses the axe
in the most obvious dumpster
it will be found
up ahead
flashing lights
and fireman in reflective coats
there is no way out
except to go forward
the kid is going
to be caught
I think he damaged a building
and set it on fire