Monday, December 14, 2015

The old faceless lady is walking in circles in an empty bedroom

dramas involving spies
double agents
not knowing
what anyone's true intentions are
in a red car
a friend in the back seat
who is trying to hide
there is a white and black cat
sitting in the front seat
the driver's side window
is solid red
made out of metal
I warn someone
not to let the cat out

an old girlfriend
and her son
who I have not seen
in many years
wanting to say
how good it is to see her
but it never comes out right
she's either moving into
of moving out of a house
I am helping her
pack and unpack
it is all chaotic
I find mail addressed to me
on her floor
mixed in with old bills
and letters from courts
about upcoming trials
her hair changes
from black to blonde
and back again
her son is there
often with unseen friends
I want to make amends
be friendly with him
he has a respiratory infection
I speculate it may be the house
and tell a long story
about switching gyms
in Santa Fe
how it improved my breathing
he listens politely
but is not impressed

there is an older woman
helping out
who does not have a face
there is a head of hair
with no features
she is about 4' tall
dressed in old robes
with her is a piglike dog
that keeps shoving its snout
against my legs

after everyone leaves
I expect to spend time
with the girlfriend
but she disappears into her bedroom
and I sleep in what I believe
is the son's room
I lay there unable to sleep
aware that I am dreaming
wondering what
she thinks of all this
of being in my dream
perhaps against her will
and seeing me again

the next morning
I am tired from not having slept
and attempt to talk to her
about everything
going on around
but the son comes in
and the old faceless lady
is walking in circles
in an empty bedroom
the old girlfriend
looks at me
for just a moment
as if she understands
the only moment
in the entire dream
where she actually looks at me
and tells me
she has to go
help the old lady
find her way back home