Thursday, December 24, 2015

This world drifts away also, another dream begins

forced myself to remain to remain in bed
to sleep as long as possible
i was content after 12 hours
many many dreams
deliberately not remembered
catching fish
in the net
pulling it in closer to the boat
grasping hold of one of them
holding it in the hand
still under the water
gazing upon its beauty
relaxing the grip
allowing the fish to slip away
the dream to disappear
with a flash of silver light
lightning in a mirror
slight troubling of the water
watching until my reflection
returns to the surface
turning away again
this world drifts away also
another dream begins

somewhere in here
my father
calls me on the phone

when I finally awoke
my thoughts were on
a story I wrote long ago
about a time
when the letters
of the alphabet
roamed free
like animals