Saturday, December 19, 2015

Try to ride away but it won't start

with Jennifer
and a group of Austin people
it is the morning after
an event we all went to
hungover Austin morning
early summer
cars parked in the yard
st augustine
already hot
smell of water on concrete
Jennifer gets the group
headed to a Mexican food place
down near campus
early 80s Austin
gravel and dirt roads
the place is packed
I don't want to go
but she tells me
but everything is inexpensive
and the food is really good
we are huddled around a table
I'm not impressed
with the food
and small portions
I go up to the counter
for more water
and the slacker type guy there
charges me .99 cents
I don't say anything
but am indignant
about paying for water
I go outside
and find a broken down scooter
try to ride away
but it won't start